Vision, Identification, with Z-sensing Technology and key Applications.

Period: 01.05.2019-31.10.2022

Budget: ~98M Eiro

Coordinator: Laurent Dugoujon, STMicrolectronics

Partner count: 25

Involved countries (9): France, Sweden, Greece, Spain, UK, Germany, Luxembourg, Latvia, Hungary

Project aims at developing innovative technologies in the field of optical sensors and laser sources for short to long-range 3D-imaging and to demonstrate their value in several key applications including automotive, security, smart buildings, mobile robotics for smart cities, and industry 4.0.

EDI contributes to the development of 3D multi-camera system for Industry 4.0. The work focuses on extending ISD’s Herodion platform integrating IR-Z (infrared depth-sensing) cameras and on creating applications utilizing the 3D depth map and the ultra-resolution video mosaic delivered on real time by the system. EDIl takes part in this development by providing its expertise in embedded system design, computer vision, and robot control and develops signal processing algorithms and embedded software for particular application. This alsos include definition of requirements and specifications, system’s architecture design, integration, testing, validation as well as demonstration.