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Currently being implemented:

Projects supported by European Union


National Research Programme

National Research Programme „Cyber-physical systems, ontologies and biophotonics for safe&smart city and society.” (SOPHIS).

1. „Development of technologies for cyber physical systems with applications in medicine and smart transport”;
4. “Development of technologies for secure and reliable smart-city”.

National Research Program “The value and dynamic of Latvia`s ecosystems under changing climate." (EVIDEnT).

1. "The functioning of the marine environment and the assessment of potential changes."

International projects

EU FP7 ARTEMIS project: "Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure" (DEWI Grant Agreement no 621353)

ECSEL project „Integrated Components for Complexity Control in Affordable Electrified Cars” (3Ccar)

EEA/Norway Grants “Research and Scholarship” programme project "Health and Social Indicators of Participation in Physical Activities for Children with Disabilities" (HIPPAC)

Europena Space Agency projects

European Space Agency project No. 4000118771/16/NL/SC "Dynamic land use monitoring by fusion of satellite data" - DynLand

European Space Agency project No. 4000115326/15/NL/NDe "On-board implementation of the multi-purpose Event Timer" - MPET