Publications 2006 An approach to distributed analog-to-digital conversions

I.Bilinskis, Yu.Artyukh. An approach to distributed analog-to-digital conversions// Automatic Control and Computer Sciences. Allerton Press, Inc., 2006. Nr.5. pp.1-7.

A method for implementing distributed multi-channel A/D conversions is suggested and discussed. It provides for data acquisition from a large quantity of signal sources scattered over a large area with minimized distortions of the original analog signals.  This approach to the distributed A/D converter design is based on spatial separating of the signal sampling and quantising operations which typically are integrated within a single chip. To realize this approach, the pulse width modulation techniques are applied. The focus is on structural designing of specific distributed A/D converters capable of supporting multi-channel digitising of up to few hundreds of signals simultaneously. A specific daisy-chain structure is considered as the basis for realizing this type of A/D converters.