Publications 2011 Investigation of Time and Energy Consumption using the Physical Model

Baums A., Gordjusins A., Kanonirs G., „Investigation of Time and Energy Consumption using the Physical Model”, Electronics and electrical engineering No. 5(111), Lithuania, Kaunas, 2011, pp. 85-88.


A flexible physical model for the research robots is
developed and published by the authors [1]. The purpose
of this paper is to show the results of the physical model’s
usage in real time systems. Investigations in this field are
perspective for the general purpose robot design. At
present a lot of autonomous general purpose indoor  robots
are produced for hospitals, housekeeping and etc. [2, 3].
Autonomous non-military  outdoor research robot Seekur
and SegwayRMP400 are the wheel- drive based robots that
is not a good choice for the mobile robots in a hard
environment. For such conditions different military legged
[4, 5] and caterpillar track based robots are proposed. Our
autonomous mobile robot physical model platform is
developed for the  caterpillar track motion. Different
machine vision, image analysis systems and navigation
sensor modules were tested during the physical model
development. Also different route planning algorithms
were implemented and analyzed. Physical model is used
for an autonomous outdoor   mobile robot software
development and student education.