Publications 2012 Accessible, Customizable, High-Performance IEEE 802.11p Vehicular Communication Solution

N. Agafonovs, G. Strazdins, M.Greitans, "Accessible, Customizable, High-Performance IEEE 802.11p Vehicular Communication Solution," in Proc. of International Workshop on Vehicular Communications and Applications (VCA 2012), Aiya Napa, Cyprus, pp. 127-132, June 19, 2012.


Intelligent driving is a promising area for increased
safety and comfort. Vehicular communication is an essential part
of building such intelligent systems. To provide inter-operability
of wide vehicle range, common standards are needed. One of
recently established standards for vehicular networks is IEEE
802.11p. However, 802.11p hardware platform market is limited
due to protocol immaturity. Existing solutions are complex,
expensive and closed-source systems with limited applicability.
In this paper we propose an open, accessible and customizable
wireless system for vehicular communication supporting IEEE
802.11p protocol. The system consists of low-cost components
and open source software suitable for experimental intelligent
transportation system research and applications. Nevertheless,
real world tests prove feasibility of the system.

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