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Embedded system laboratory

   Established in 2007 by consolidating the laboratory of Microprocessor System, the laboratory of Mixed Signal Processing System and the laboratory of Logical System Modeling. The laboratory is involved in research and implementation of embedded systems including real time systems and minimization of their power consumption. Results of research group of the laboratory are presented in more than 20 publications and different presentations.

   Total staff includes 3 leading researchers, 1 researcher, 1 assistant researcher un 2 engineers. Three of them are doctors of science; three are postgraduates, and a undergraduate. The head of laboratory is A.Baums.

Research directions:

  • Optimization of performance and of energy consumption of distributed embedded systems;
  • Asynchronous embedded signal processing systems;
  • Wireless sensor network systems and their applications.

Current and recent research projects:

  • Research project Nr.09.1541 Innovative signal processing technologies for development of embedded and RFID systems and for optimization of energy consumption, leader Dr. M. Greitāns (2010-2012);
  • Research project 09.1345: Optimization of performance and of energy consumption of distributed embedded systems, leader Dr. A.Baums (2009);
  • Research project 05.1390: Analysis and development of adaptive embedded systems (energy consumption and time dependant), leader Dr. A.Baums (2005-2008);
  • Research project 05.1392: Decomposition methods of logical design of digital systems on base dynamically reconfigurable units, leader Dr. V.Chapenko (2005-2008);
  • Research project 05.1395: Verification of multimedia systems with mixed signals, leader Dr. V.Zagurskis (2005-2008).