Publikācijas 2011 Processing of palm print and blood vessel images for multimodal biometrics

Rihards Fuksis, Modris Greitāns, Mihails Pudžs. “Processing of palm print and blood vessel images for multimodal biometrics”. Biometric ID Management, COST 2101 European WorkShop, BioID 2011, Branderburg, Germany, March 2011.g., Proceedings, pp. 238 – 249. Springer.


This paper presents a design of PC-based multimodal biometric system, where palm blood vessels and palm prints are used as the biometric parameters. Image acquisition is based on dual spectrum illumination of the palm. By using near infrared light the image of blood vessels can be obtained and using the visible light the pattern of palm print can be captured. Images are processed using gradient filtering and complex matched filtering. After filtering, most significant features from the image are extracted as a vector set, and compared later in the recognition stage. Database of palm print and blood vessel images of 50 persons have been developed for experimental evaluation. The fusion approach of the two parameters is discussed and experimental results are presented.