Publikācijas 2011 Biohashing and Fusion of Palmprint and Palm Vein Biometric Data

Rihards Fuksis, Arturs Kadikis, and Modris Greitans "Biohashing and Fusion of Palmprint and Palm Vein Biometric Data", International Conference on Hand-based Biometrics, ICHB2011, Hong Kong, China, November 17-18, 2011, pp. 268-273


This paper combines the results of our previous experiments concerning acquisition of the images of the human palm in infrared and visible light, the extraction of features from images as well as our current results on biometric data hashing with the advanced biohashing algorithm. We first describe the properties of the complex 2D matched filtering for feature extraction from images, followed by biometric vector construction techniques and raw biometric data comparison. We address the problem of securing biometric data for multimodal biometric systems, by analyzing the biohashing algorithm and proposing our enhancements. Results of experiments that include raw biometric data comparison, biohashing and advanced biohashing biocode comparisons are presented at the end of the paper.