Publikācijas 2013 Vehicle detection using non-invasive magnetic wireless sensor network

Martins Liepins, Aivars Severdaks "Vehicle detection using non-invasive magnetic wireless sensor network", 21st Telecommunication Forum TELEFOR 2013, Belgrade, Serbija, November 26-28, 2013, pp 601-604


This paper describes a method for vehicle counting in intelligent traffic management system using non-invasive wireless magnetic sensor network. Compared to other techniques, magnetic sensors are not affected by weather conditions thus giving more stable and robust data to work with. Sensors can be placed on the side of the road, therefore eliminating the need for inserting them into the road structure. Tests were performed on the road with one lane in each direction and sensors located on each side of the road with real traffic flow. Our proposed approach achieves the accuracy of ~94.8 % detection rate.