Vol.46, Issue 2, 2012

A. Kirshners, E. Liepinsh, S. Parshutin, J. Kuka and A. Borisov

     The prediction system of risk for pharmacological tasks, pp.5-16.

Ya.N. Imamverdiyev and L.V. Sukhostat

Cryptographic keys generation method from fingerprints, pp.17-30.

A. Ipatovs, N. Bogdanov and E. Petersons

Data transmission rate estimation between vehicles and basic station of a wireless network, pp.31-40.

M.A. Schneps-Schneppe

     M2M communications the m-bus protocol based, pp.41-49.

D.V. Speranskiy

     Recognition problem of input words of the linear automata in interval setting, pp.50-56.