Our research in wearable technologies includes ECG, EEG, EMG signal-based interfaces (e.g. headband for alternative mouse-pointer control), shape sensing fabric used for posture monitoring in rehabilitation or as a motion tracking device for telemedicine and training purposes (projects EEA/Norway Grants HIPPAC, contract research TeleMed), a sensor-based knee rehabilitation device or for prosthetics control. Research in RS and UWB radar systems has applications in remote monitoring of breathing (projects ESIF UPIRS, SRP SOPHIS GUDPils), while image processing has been used in multispectral imaging-based classification of skin lesions (project ESIF InBiT).

EDI’s research on CPS and IoT has been targeted at different applications with an essential human-computer interaction component. Examples include bi-modal embedded palm-based biometric security system (project ESIF PALMS), research on smart and secure cities (projects SRP ViPTeH, GudPils) and environment monitoring using smart sensors (project SRP JURSENS). For easy and energy efficient use of WSN, we have developed an efficient real-time WSN operating system (project ESIF FarmOS).