V.Aristovs „Импульсный локатор и метод главных компонент как средства анализа параметров дыхания”, Альманах современной науки и образования. Тамбов:, Грамота, 2013. № 3, lpp.20-23 (ISSN 1993-5552)

When a person is breathing there is a slight displacement of the chest. With a calm and unexcited healthy this shift is an average of 5-15 mm. The respiratory rate is not constant and varies within a wide range (0.1-0.8 Hz), depending on the condition, age and health. At the first stage it was appropriate as the research object instead of a person to use the layout of breath, swing vibrations of the plate which was chosen to be 10 mm, and the oscillation frequency varied widely from 0.24 Hz to 4.7 Hz. Formed ensemble reflections from the layout was processed method of principal components. Based on the results we can conclude the suitability of the method for the analysis of human breath.