Robotics and machine perception laboratory, senior researcher Modris Greitans, researcher Janis Arents, and Cyber-Physical Systems laboratory researcher Janis Judvaitis are participating in Edge AI Technologies for Optimised Performance Embedded Processing (EdgeAI) kick-off meeting in Catania, Italy. During the event, the implementation of the project is discussed and planned, in which EDI leads the mobility value chain (VC4 mobility) and two demonstrators of this value chain, VCD4.1 – “Cognitive Mobile Multi-Agent Platform” and VCD4.2 – “Roadside Perception Units Connected with a LoRa 2.4 GHz Mesh Network”. On the first day of the event, M.Greitans presents the role of EDI in the project. On the second day of the event, M.Greitans presents the objectives and planned activities of VC4. J.Arents and J.Judvaitis present the aims, objectives, planned contributions of the partners and the next activities of the demonstrators VCD4.1 and VCD4.2. During the event, discussions are held with partners on effective cooperation in project implementation.