EDI is developing an internal cyber security research team as part of its Cyber-physical systems laboratory. This team provides security related assistance for ongoing research projects that require cybersecurity related competence, and specializes in embedded/low power/hardware security as well as reliability and privacy of such real time systems as wearables, collaborative driving and wireless sensor networks and benefits from EDI background in hardware and signal processing.
This team is led by the head of CPS laboratory, Krisjanis Nesenbergs, who has extensive experience in wearable electronics research and IT security and is
a cyber-security expert at Latvian National Guard Cyber defence unit since 2015. Team members have successfully participated in such events as NATO CCDCOE Cyber defence exercise “Locked Shields” as part of national team and collaborate with Information Technology Security Incident Response Institution of the Republic of Latvia (CERT.LV) which is leading IT operational cybersecurity institution in Latvia.EDI also participates in activities of such organizations as ECSO and NECC (Through LIKTA association). 

Even though the team has mostly support role, it also aims at implementing its own security first research projects. First such project on “Automated wireless security analysis of wearable devices” has already acquired funding and will begin on January 2021.