Rihards Novickis will tell about chip openness and progress at the Radio NABA show „In the name of science”. The Recording can be found here: https://naba.lsm.lv/lv/raksts/zinatnes-varda/cipi-redzosi-atverti-un-arvien-gudraki.-saruna-ar-rihardu-novick.a168170/

Annotation: What revolutions have happened in the chip world? What is stereo-vision? Why do we need open source? How would you look using the infrared camera? Why neural networks is the technology of the future? How many System-on-Chips do you have in your home? How will infrared imaging be used in the future and how to hide from them? What will the next-generation single-chip systems look like? What are the principles for future system design? What will the future mobile phones look like?