On July 22 Institute of Electronics and Computer Science together with other Latvia’s leading universities and scientific institutions, as well as a number of sectoral organisations, signed a The Memorandum to establish European Digital Innovation Center in Latvia. initiator of the Memorandum is Latvian Information Technology Cluster, which unites the leading industry partners in this joint initiative.

The Memorandum of Understanding envisages an agreement between the parties on a common vision and work plan for promoting the digital transformation of Latvian business by jointly developing a national application for the establishment of a European Digital Innovation Center in Latvia. Digital Innovation Hubs and their network, which will cover whole European Union, will enable public administrations and private companies to exchange information, receive support and try and test digital innovations.

The association will also promote closer cooperation between scientific research institutions (universities, research centers) and industry, thus ensuring the improvement of research and development projects, creating an innovation ecosystem and developing an interdisciplinary approach to higher education in computer science, strengthening the quality of Latvian higher education, international recognition and the sustainability of computer science accordingly to labor market requirements.

The involved parties undertake to jointly develop an application for the establishment of the European Digital Innovation Center (EDIH) in Latvia, defining the vision, mission and goals of the digital transformation of the national economy, which are based on the maturity, trends and needs of Latvian companies.