The basic operational principles of the developed prototype of real time industrial wireless sensors with wireless power transfer capability are shown in our YouTube video – „I-MECH project: realtime wireless sensors”: ( The aim of I-MECH project was to advance scientific advances in the field of wireless sensors (go beyond state-of-the-art), resulting in the development of a number of elements of the system, resulting in a unique wireless sensor that is its main advantage – long distance (>10cm) wireless power transfers, inertial sensor data processing on device and gateway, implementation of industrial design and low latency (<0.5ms) data communication.

Technology is composed of 4 basic elements – wireless sensor, which is placed on mechatronic device (see. 1.a pic.) and gateway (see. 1.b pic.), which receives the data from the sensor over the air, using wireless communication, and performs data processing and/or passes the information to further robotics control and monitoring processes (see. 1.d att.). Sistēma ietver arī wireless power transfer station (see. 1.c att.), which uses wall connected power supply and communication with gateway via wired connections, to control and assess the wireless power transfer process.

Industrial inertial wireless sensor (IIWS) performs measurements of movements of a mechatronic machine. Movement measurements allow to register information about changes in the position of the machine, making it possible to assess the absolute position, vibration or other physical changes of the equipment after performing the data processing.