The proposed technology is wearable sensor technology, that allows measurement and analysis of human body movements and poses. Technology is illustrated in Picture

and Demo is available in EDI YouTube Channel:

The technology is based on human body segment orientation measurements using accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope sensor fusion. The sensor nodes are placed on predefined positions and knowing human biomechanical model it is possible to reconstruct full 3D model of the human body. This 3D model can be used to precisely measure and analyze human body pose and movements. This kind of information is crucial in many different physical activities such as: exercises, fitness, yoga, athletics, physiotherapy, professional dancing etc.

Usually when performing physical exercises, it is very hard to evaluate if the activities are performed properly. This can lead to less efficient exercise, serious injuries and health deterioration. Less efficient exercise means that improvements will be seen in longer period of time, or no improvement will be seen at all, meaning that person can lose the motivation for performing physical activities. To be sure that physical exercises are done properly, supervision of expert (fitness or sports trainer, physiotherapist etc.) is necessary for feedback. This can be very expensive and can impact how often these exercises can be performed depending on how much money person is willing to spend for this activity. Also, requirement of the expert means that training sessions can be done in specialized gyms or other facilities, where these experts are available, which can be uncomfortable for some people. Some people like to do exercises at home or other familiar environment where they can feel less constrained or pressured. Our proposed system can replace necessity for human expert to be supervising physical activities for safe exercise, and enable the practitioner freedom of choice where to perform exercises. This would allow practitioners to perform physical activities more often, and perform them in safe manner.