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Editorial Board of both journals accepts for consideration the firstly published manuscripts in English for publishing in journal AUTOMATIC CONTROL AND COMPUTER SCIENCES (AC&CS), 6 issues per year, and the limited number of papers in Russian for consideration and publication in journal AVTOMATIKA I VYCHISLITEL’NAYA TEKHNIKA (AVT) with subsequent translation and publication in English in journal AC&CS.

Since 2016, the journal AVT in Russian will be issued  once a year. In this regard, Editorial Board will select for publication only the best manuscripts that received the positive review.

The Publisher of journal AC&CS is  Pleiades Publishing:
Info about journal AC&CS:

The authors have to comply the Rules for submitting manuscripts:

        Guidelines for manuscript’s authors of journal AUTOMATIC CONTROL AND COMPUTER SCIENCE

and the Style file for manuscript formatting:

Otherwise, for accepted manuscript, author will be asked to adjust it in accordance with Rules or to order this service from any other person. Editorial Technical staff can also adjust manuscript and in this case author will be asked to pay 50.00 (fifty) EUR fee for manuscript editing.

     If accepted manuscript exceeds the maximum size, stipulated by the Rules (15-16 pages), the author will be asked to adjust it or to pay 10.00 (ten) EUR fee for each extra page starting from 17th page . In any case, manuscript size have not exceed 25 pages.

The article can also be supplemented with various additional files (presentations in various formats, tables, and illustrations), that should not include information that is critical for understanding the article (Supplementary materials will be available only in on-line version).
Requirements for Supplementary materials:

The journal AC&CS is available online distributed by SpringerLink: (ISSN: 1558-108X)


The copyright transfer agreement for publishing in journal   AUTOMATIC CONTROL AND COMPUTER SCIENCES  in English

The copyright transfer agreement for publishing firstly in journal  AVTOMATIKA I VYCHISLITEL’NAYA TEKHNIKA in Russian

 Subject areas of the journal:

  • Automatic Control: modeling and identification, control systems, real-time systems, artifical intellect in control systems, technological process control, control methods and equipment in the field of industry, ecology, natural resources.
  • Distributed information processing: communication systems, network information technologies, information security, information processing system and process modeling, сomplex systems modeling, statistical methods of data processing, expert systems, distributed computer system interaction, distributed artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, processing and management.
  • Signal and image processing: signal digitization and methods of their analysis, digital filtration, signal processing methods and means, signal processing in medicine, geophysics, astrophysics, image analysis techniques, image recognition.
Editor-in-Chief:   Dr.Sc. M. GREITANS, Latvia
Vice Editor-in-Chief:  Dr.Sc. M. BROITMAN, Latvia
Editorial Board:

А. Andronov, Latvia;  J. Barzdinsh, Latvia; N. Bogdanovs, Latvia; Yu. Chizhov, Latvia; A. Dudin, Belarus; P. Grabusts, Latvia
J. Grundspenkis, Latvia; V. Khutortsev, Russia; N. Nechval, Latvia; E. Petersons, Latvia; A. Rybakov, Latvia; V. Rykov, Russia
K. Samouylov, Russia; V. Sokolov, Russia; P. Zegzhda, Russia


All Volumes & Issues of journal AC&CS from 2016 is available online distributed by SpringerLink:

Editorial Board:
    Dzerbenes St. 14, LV-1006 Riga, LATVIA
Phone: +371 67558164
Fax: +371 67555337