High Performance Computing Server

GPU-based high-performance computing server for accelerating demanding computing tasks, including training and validation of deep neural networks. The server includes … .. Read more

Tektronix 80E04

80E04 is a dual-channel Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) sampling module, providing up to 23 ps incident and 15 ps reflected … .. Read more

Ettus USRP X310

The Ettus Research USRP X310 is a high-performance, scalable software defined radio (SDR) platform for designing and deploying next generation … .. Read more

FLIR T650sc

Specification: http://www.flirmedia.com/MMC/THG/Brochures/RND_061/RND_061_US.pdf  .. Read more

Weller WR3000M

Power unit WR 3M, 3 channels with HAP 200 Hot air iron, DSX 80 Desoldering iron and WP 80 Soldering … .. Read more

Oscilloscope Teledyne LeCroy HDO4032

High Definition Oscilloscope with 12.1 inch WXGA multi-touch color display, 2 channel signal input with 12 bit ADC resolution and … .. Read more


Medium size unmanned aerial vehicle with 6 motors without additional equipment. Intended for use with overall mass below 3.5 kg … .. Read more

Lab Campanion TH-GU-300

Device description: climate controlled chamber, temperature range  -60 °C to +150 °C, humidity range 25 – 98 % (RH). Has … .. Read more

Tabor WS8351

Device description: arbitrary function generator, single differential output, 2 Gsa/s sample rate, maximum output frequency 250 MHz (sine) and 250 … .. Read more

Hamamatsu APD C5658

Device description: sensitive APD photodetector Spectral range: 400-1000 nm Sensitivity: 2.5×105  V/W Out impedance: 50 Ω Supply voltage: +12V Specification: … .. Read more

Hamamatsu C5594-44

Device description: High speed amplifier unit (for photomultiplier tubes) Freq. bandwidth: (-3 dB) 50 kHz – 1.5 Ghz. Voltage gain: … .. Read more

Keithley 2701 Multimeter/Data Acquisition/Switch Systems with 7702 and 7706 modules

Model 2701 is a 6½-digit high-performance multimeter/data acquisition system. It can measure voltage (DC and AC), current (DC and AC), … .. Read more

Solar-2 Dual Axis Inclinometer

High performance dual axis digital inclinometer. Provides measurement of pitch and roll angles with high accuracy. Paramter Type Parameter Value … .. Read more

Microsoft Kinect V2

Active RGB+D (Color and Depth image sensor) sensor, that is based on Time-of-Flight principle. Also provides human body joint coordinate … .. Read more

Microsft Kinect V1

Active RGB+D (Color and Depth image sensor) sensor, that is based on structured light principle. Also provides human body joint … .. Read more

GuideTech GT668SLR

Device description: continuous time interval analyzer, event-timer, 0.9 ps single-shot timing resolution, max. measuring rate 4 Msa/S, 2 channels, min. … .. Read more

ORTEC 9327

Device description: amplifier and timing discriminator, 1 GHz bandwidth, walk < ±40 ps, jitter < 20 ps, input pulse width … .. Read more

Hamamatsu Picosecond light pulser PLP-10-065

Device description: laser diode based pulsed light source, 70 ps pulse duration, 50 mW peak power, 100 MHz repetition rate, … .. Read more

Pendulum GPS-12R

Device description: GPS-controlled rubidium frequency standard, 5/10 MHz output frequency, 1 PPS output, Allan deviation 5 x 10-11 (τ = … .. Read more

Knauer VM 10001/Mini

Device description: electromechanical vibration system, max. load 10 kg, max. displacement at max. load 1.9 mm p-p, frequency range 15 … .. Read more

Binder KB115

Device description: climate controlled chamber, temperature range  -10 °C to +100 °C, interior dimensions 40 x 84 x 60 cm, … .. Read more


Device description: Analog Storage Oscilloscope, two 50Ω channels, two 1MΩ channels, frequency bandwidth 600MHz, waveform capture function, built-in thermal printer, … .. Read more

Tabor WS8352

Device description: arbitrary function generator, two differential outputs, 2 Gsa/s sample rate, maximum output frequency 350 MHz (sine) and 250 … .. Read more

Tektronix AFG-31252

Device description: arbitrary function generator, 2 output channels, 2 Gsa/s sample rate, 14-bit vertical resolution, maximum output frequency 250 MHz … .. Read more

Synchronized stereo cameras – Bumblebee2 XB3 FireWire 1394b

Stereo vision cameras with synchronized image acquisition suitable for implementation of different stereo vision algorithms. 16 fps@1280×1110 4W@12V SNR: 54 … .. Read more

Heterogeneous System on Chip prototyping infrastructure

Wide range of prototyping infrastructure including both the low-cost and very high-performance heterogeneous system on chip development kits. The devices … .. Read more

Fourier transform spectrometer ARCSpectro HT-2D with Halogen Light Source HL-2000-FHSA

ARCspectro HT-2D is an ultra compact stationary Fourier transform spectrometer. Large spectral range: 400nm-1100nm; very low dark noise 0.02 counts … .. Read more

Nvidia Drive PX2 computer platform

Nvidia Drive PX2 is a computer platform that enables accelerated production of automated and autonomous vehicles. Drive PX2 platform is … .. Read more

Tektronix TLA5204B

The TLA5204B is a 136 channel Logic Analyzer. 500 ps timing resolution and 128 Mb record length with simultaneous 125 … .. Read more

Tektronix AFG3102

Possibility to choose from 12 different standard waveforms. Arbitrary waveforms can be generated up to 128 K in length at … .. Read more

Oscilloscope Rigol MSO4032

High quality 2 channel DSO with 350 MHz bandwidth, 4 GSa/s and 140 Mpts memory depth, with integrated 16 channel … .. Read more

RF Synthesizer HM8134-3

RF Synthesizer with frequency range from 1 Hz to 1.2 GHz, frequency resolution 1 Hz (accuracy 0.5 ppm) and output … .. Read more

Dr. Robot inc. Jaguar V4 and Jaguar Arm

Jaguar V4 Mobile Robotic Platform (176 mm x 700 mm x 980 mm) is designed for indoor and outdoor applications … .. Read more


EDI IoT TestBed is a 100+ node heterogeneous Internet of Things and wireless sensor network testbed (distributed around 7-floor building, … .. Read more

3D depth camera – Zivid One+ Medium

Zivid One Plus Medium is suitable for acquiring RGB and depth information in the environment with small to medium objects … .. Read more

Parallel gripper – OnRobot RG2

The RG2 gripper is a flexible electric gripper specially designed for robots from Universal Robots. The long-stroke (110mm) allows the … .. Read more

Industrial robot – Universal Robots UR5e

An industrial collaborative robot which is ideal for automating low/medium-weight processing tasks with its 5kg payload and 850mm reach radius … .. Read more

Industrial robot – Universal Robots UR5

An industrial collaborative robot which is ideal for automating low/medium-weight processing tasks with its 5kg payload and 850mm reach radius … .. Read more

R&S FSH8 with HL300

Portable Spectrum Analyzer with working range from 100KHz to 8GHz https://scdn.rohde-schwarz.com/ur/pws/dl_downloads/dl_common_library/dl_brochures_and_datasheets/pdf_1/Fact_sheet_-_FSH_v2.00.pdf.. Read more


Microwave signal generator with operating range from 100kHz to 20GHz https://scdn.rohde-schwarz.com/ur/pws/dl_downloads/dl_common_library/dl_brochures_and_datasheets/pdf_1/SMB100A_bro_en_5213_8396_12_v0700_120dpi.pdf.. Read more

Picosecond pulse labs 4005-DRV with 4005PH-307-300MV

Risetime standard for testing oscilloscopes, Impulse or step response testing of semiconductors, components, networks, etc. Very high resolution TDR/TDT measurements … .. Read more

Dimension 1200es 3D Print Pack

The Dimension 1200es features the largest build envelope available in a Design Series Performance 3D Printer. Powered by FDM Technology, … .. Read more

Digital Serial Analyzer

The DSA8200 Digital Serial Analyzer sampling oscilloscope is the most versatile tool for communication, computer and consumer electronics gigabit transmitter … .. Read more

Digital Oscilloscope

Rohde & Schwarz RTM2032 Digital Oscilloscope, 350 MHz, 2 channels. The R&S®RTM2032 model with 350 MHz bandwidth offers a maximum … .. Read more

Arbitray Function Generator

The Tektronix AFG3252C is unmatched in performance, versatility, intuitive operation, and affordability. With the Tektronix AFG3252C users can choose from … .. Read more

250MHz Single-Channel Arbitrary Function Generator

The Tabor WS8251 is a Single Channel Arbitrary / Function Generator with a 250MHz bandwidth and the functionality of a … .. Read more

Manufacturer: TABOR ELECTRONICS Ltd.


Large unmanned aerial vehicle with 8 motors. Equipped with standard camera as well as multispectral and thermal cameras, on stabilizing … .. Read more

Manufacturer: AirStudio Ltd.