Altium Designer

Custom printed circuit board (PCB) and electronic design software with access to footprint, electronic schematic design, manufacturer part search... Read more

Cadence Virtuoso IC6.1.7-64b.500.22

Custom integrated circuit(IC) design environment for designing integrated circuits, systems on chip (SoC), printed circuit boards (PCB) with electronic circuit … .. Read more

MTI-G5 IMU with integrated GPS

Device allows to perform measurement of inertial data in order to achieve high precision navigation. IMU specefication.:       … .. Read more

ITS test bed for smart mobility research purposes

Within EDI premises ITS testbed is available for testing autonomous transport in controlled safe environment. Testbed consist of horizontal road … .. Read more

SMT mounting equipment for PCBA

PCBA equipment  includes  NeoDen4 pick&place machine, stencil printer, Reflow oven and conveyor section. Pinc&place machine NeoDen4 Specification:       … .. Read more

Garage / smart mobility labratory

Equpped garage for smart mobility research purposes. Equipment of the garage consist of tool kit Triumph, 2-Post lift, and oil … .. Read more

Experimental sensor platform for smart mobility research purposes

Platform is made of ROXTH aluminium profile, and capable to bring a payload up to 30 KG. The platform integrates … .. Read more


Electric vehicle with DbW system capabilities, used for smart mobility and autonomous transports research purposes. Electric vehicle technical specefication.   … .. Read more

Unox thermal equipment

Unox thermal equipment is a suitable solution as a PCB soldering oven, thanks to its well-designed thermal heat distribution and … .. Read more

Xytronic IR620 Preheater

The IR620 preheating platform provides a suitable and low cost method to assist when soldering or de-soldering various SMT devices … .. Read more

LPKF MiniContac RS

High quality through-hole plating for production or the lab Uniform copper deposition with Reverse Pulse Plating (RPP) No special chemical … .. Read more

LPKF ProtoMat-S62

Superior milling speed, resolution and accuracy Automatic tool change for unmatched ease-of-use Vacuum table and fiducial recognition available The LPKF … .. Read more

Fluke 190-502

Two electrically isolated inputs CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V safety rated 500 MHz bandwidth model 5 … .. Read more

Tektronix AFG3252

240 MHz Sine Waveforms 2 GS/s Arbitrary Waveforms Amplitude up to 20 Vp-p into 50 Ω Loads 5.6 in. Display … .. Read more

GSP 810 spectrum analyzer

Frequency Range 150 kHz to 1 GHz RBW 3 kHz, 30 kHz, 220 kHz, 4 MHz Reference Level Range -30 … .. Read more

Weller wr 3m (soldering station)

400 watts of power over 3 independently controlled channels Air and vacuum ports allow the use of up to 3 … .. Read more

Oscilloscope MSO 4032

350 MHz  bandwidth 2  analog channels Up to 5 GS/s sample rate on all channels Up to 20 M record … .. Read more

HF-6065 Aaronia Spectran Analyzer

HF-6065 Aaronia Spectran Analyzer Frequency Range: 10MHz – 6GHz DANL: -135dBm(1Hz) DANL with Preamp: -150dBm(1Hz) Max. power at RF input: … .. Read more


pitch/roll accuracy  0.03° position accuracy  1cm slip angle accuracy  0.15° maximum data output rate  250Hz Read more

Lidar HDL-32E

Lidar HDL-32E ± 2 cm accuracy 32 Channels 80m-100m Range Up to ~1.39 Million Points per Second 360° Horizontal FOV … .. Read more


Compact Weather Station Read more

Fisher TW-6

the TW-6 Pipe & Cable locator finds underground pipes, cables, manhole covers, vaults, valve boxes, and other metallic objects. Operating … .. Read more

High Performance Computing Server

Teika campus data network and Data Center (DC) were upgraded in a frame work of Latvian Academic Network (LAT) implementation … .. Read more

Tektronix 80E04

80E04 is a dual-channel Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) sampling module, providing up to 23 ps incident and 15 ps reflected … .. Read more

Ettus USRP X310

The Ettus Research USRP X310 is a high-performance, scalable software defined radio (SDR) platform for designing and deploying next generation … .. Read more

FLIR T650sc

Specification:  .. Read more

Weller WR3000M

Power unit WR 3M, 3 channels with HAP 200 Hot air iron, DSX 80 Desoldering iron and WP 80 Soldering … .. Read more

Oscilloscope Teledyne LeCroy HDO4032

High Definition Oscilloscope with 12.1 inch WXGA multi-touch color display, 2 channel signal input with 12 bit ADC resolution and … .. Read more


Medium size unmanned aerial vehicle with 6 motors without additional equipment. Intended for use with overall mass below 3.5 kg … .. Read more

Lab Campanion TH-GU-300

Device description: climate controlled chamber, temperature range  -60 °C to +150 °C, humidity range 25 – 98 % (RH). Has … .. Read more

Tabor WS8351

Device description: arbitrary function generator, single differential output, 2 Gsa/s sample rate, maximum output frequency 250 MHz (sine) and 250 … .. Read more

Hamamatsu APD C5658

Device description: sensitive APD photodetector Spectral range: 400-1000 nm Sensitivity: 2.5×105  V/W Out impedance: 50 Ω Supply voltage: +12V Specification: … .. Read more

Hamamatsu C5594-44

Device description: High speed amplifier unit (for photomultiplier tubes) Freq. bandwidth: (-3 dB) 50 kHz – 1.5 Ghz. Voltage gain: … .. Read more

Keithley 2701 Multimeter/Data Acquisition/Switch Systems with 7702 and 7706 modules

Model 2701 is a 6½-digit high-performance multimeter/data acquisition system. It can measure voltage (DC and AC), current (DC and AC), … .. Read more

Solar-2 Dual Axis Inclinometer

High performance dual axis digital inclinometer. Provides measurement of pitch and roll angles with high accuracy. Paramter Type Parameter Value … .. Read more

Microsoft Kinect V2

Active RGB+D (Color and Depth image sensor) sensor, that is based on Time-of-Flight principle. Also provides human body joint coordinate … .. Read more

Microsft Kinect V1

Active RGB+D (Color and Depth image sensor) sensor, that is based on structured light principle. Also provides human body joint … .. Read more

GuideTech GT668SLR

Device description: continuous time interval analyzer, event-timer, 0.9 ps single-shot timing resolution, max. measuring rate 4 Msa/S, 2 channels, min. … .. Read more

ORTEC 9327

Device description: amplifier and timing discriminator, 1 GHz bandwidth, walk < ±40 ps, jitter < 20 ps, input pulse width … .. Read more

Hamamatsu Picosecond light pulser PLP-10-065

Device description: laser diode based pulsed light source, 70 ps pulse duration, 50 mW peak power, 100 MHz repetition rate, … .. Read more

Pendulum GPS-12R

Device description: GPS-controlled rubidium frequency standard, 5/10 MHz output frequency, 1 PPS output, Allan deviation 5 x 10-11 (τ = … .. Read more

Knauer VM 10001/Mini

Device description: electromechanical vibration system, max. load 10 kg, max. displacement at max. load 1.9 mm p-p, frequency range 15 … .. Read more

Binder KB115

Device description: climate controlled chamber, temperature range  -10 °C to +100 °C, interior dimensions 40 x 84 x 60 cm, … .. Read more


Device description: Analog Storage Oscilloscope, two 50Ω channels, two 1MΩ channels, frequency bandwidth 600MHz, waveform capture function, built-in thermal printer, … .. Read more

Tabor WS8352

Device description: arbitrary function generator, two differential outputs, 2 Gsa/s sample rate, maximum output frequency 350 MHz (sine) and 250 … .. Read more

Tektronix AFG-31252

Device description: arbitrary function generator, 2 output channels, 2 Gsa/s sample rate, 14-bit vertical resolution, maximum output frequency 250 MHz … .. Read more

Synchronized stereo cameras – Bumblebee2 XB3 FireWire 1394b

Stereo vision cameras with synchronized image acquisition suitable for implementation of different stereo vision algorithms. 16 fps@1280×1110 4W@12V SNR: 54 … .. Read more

Heterogeneous System on Chip prototyping infrastructure

Wide range of prototyping infrastructure including both the low-cost and very high-performance heterogeneous system on chip development kits. The devices … .. Read more

Fourier transform spectrometer ARCSpectro HT-2D with Halogen Light Source HL-2000-FHSA

ARCspectro HT-2D is an ultra compact stationary Fourier transform spectrometer. Large spectral range: 400nm-1100nm; very low dark noise 0.02 counts … .. Read more

Nvidia Drive PX2 computer platform

Nvidia Drive PX2 is a computer platform that enables accelerated production of automated and autonomous vehicles. Drive PX2 platform is … .. Read more

Tektronix TLA5204B

The TLA5204B is a 136 channel Logic Analyzer. 500 ps timing resolution and 128 Mb record length with simultaneous 125 … .. Read more

Tektronix AFG3102

Possibility to choose from 12 different standard waveforms. Arbitrary waveforms can be generated up to 128 K in length at … .. Read more

Oscilloscope Rigol MSO4032

High quality 2 channel DSO with 350 MHz bandwidth, 4 GSa/s and 140 Mpts memory depth, with integrated 16 channel … .. Read more

RF Synthesizer HM8134-3

RF Synthesizer with frequency range from 1 Hz to 1.2 GHz, frequency resolution 1 Hz (accuracy 0.5 ppm) and output … .. Read more

Dr. Robot inc. Jaguar V4 and Jaguar Arm

Jaguar V4 Mobile Robotic Platform (176 mm x 700 mm x 980 mm) is designed for indoor and outdoor applications … .. Read more


EDI IoT TestBed is a 100+ node heterogeneous Internet of Things and wireless sensor network testbed (distributed around 7-floor building, … .. Read more

3D depth camera – Zivid One+ Medium

Zivid One Plus Medium is suitable for acquiring RGB and depth information in the environment with small to medium objects … .. Read more

Parallel gripper – OnRobot RG2

The RG2 gripper is a flexible electric gripper specially designed for robots from Universal Robots. The long-stroke (110mm) allows the … .. Read more

Industrial robot – Universal Robots UR5e

An industrial collaborative robot which is ideal for automating low/medium-weight processing tasks with its 5kg payload and 850mm reach radius … .. Read more

Industrial robot – Universal Robots UR5

An industrial collaborative robot which is ideal for automating low/medium-weight processing tasks with its 5kg payload and 850mm reach radius … .. Read more

R&S FSH8 with HL300

Portable Spectrum Analyzer with working range from 100KHz to 8GHz Read more


Microwave signal generator with operating range from 100kHz to 20GHz Read more

Picosecond pulse labs 4005-DRV with 4005PH-307-300MV

Risetime standard for testing oscilloscopes, Impulse or step response testing of semiconductors, components, networks, etc. Very high resolution TDR/TDT measurements … .. Read more

Dimension 1200es 3D Print Pack

The Dimension 1200es features the largest build envelope available in a Design Series Performance 3D Printer. Powered by FDM Technology, … .. Read more

Digital Serial Analyzer

The DSA8200 Digital Serial Analyzer sampling oscilloscope is the most versatile tool for communication, computer and consumer electronics gigabit transmitter … .. Read more

Digital Oscilloscope

Rohde & Schwarz RTM2032 Digital Oscilloscope, 350 MHz, 2 channels. The R&S®RTM2032 model with 350 MHz bandwidth offers a maximum … .. Read more

Arbitray Function Generator

The Tektronix AFG3252C is unmatched in performance, versatility, intuitive operation, and affordability. With the Tektronix AFG3252C users can choose from … .. Read more

250MHz Single-Channel Arbitrary Function Generator

The Tabor WS8251 is a Single Channel Arbitrary / Function Generator with a 250MHz bandwidth and the functionality of a … .. Read more

Manufacturer: TABOR ELECTRONICS Ltd.


Large unmanned aerial vehicle with 8 motors. Equipped with standard camera as well as multispectral and thermal cameras, on stabilizing … .. Read more

Manufacturer: AirStudio Ltd.