6-7 October: EDI scientists are participating in „Riga COMM 2022”
At Riga COMM 2022, EDI scientists also explained and also different videos were shown to visitors about innovative technologies developed at the Institute:

  • Dynland™ technology for satellite image classification;
  • IIBS ConMonity for real-time inspection of curing processes in freshly poured concrete – an IoT solution;
  • Recognition of the deterioration stage of concrete surface layers using acoustic surface wave spectroscopy;
  • LCCS – Automated railway crossing monitoring system;
  • EDI-ICE- Portable, non-invasive ice thickness gauge;
  • SilHouse solution for image processing and transform acceleration, mainly designed for machine vision applications to improve their speed and performance;
  • SCAPE-IF – smart sportswear and app for personalized training based on motion analysis results.

During the organization of the exhibition EDI received support from Enterprise Europe Network Latvia, Latvian Technology center (www.een.lv).