Leading Nordic research institute (EDI) is offering to acquire industrial property rights to the technology next-generation IoT solution to monitor the condition of buildings, roofs, bridges around the clock,  before changes lead to structural problems.

IoT solution can be customized according to the end user-defined applications and specific requirements.

This is not the plug & play solution, but IoT platform.
All bidders will receive EDI (Deflexio) Technology technical description document on 6 pages.

Express your interest by sending an e-mail: eriks.vitols@edi.lv or eberins@edi.lv.

Auction procedure will be conducted on April 13, 2021.

About Deflexio,

A specially manufactured strip of interconnected sensors (magnetometers, accelerometers, gyroscopes, etc.), which is inseparably embedded into the constructions of the relevant building or engineering structure or which is affixed thereto at any time after completion of the construction thereof, and which is connected to the data registration module and regularly provides data about the condition of the relevant constructions (vibrations, irreversible movements, etc.), which allows handling of the anomalies in the operational parameters of the constructions proactively. Sensors are connected to the hub and to the PC, where is GSM module installed. 24/7 data flow from the object ( bridge, roof, industrial construction) is organized using GSM network.

To build up the whole IoT system , there are linked three subsystems together:

  • Data Acquisition System from sensors
  • Data Processing & Transfer System
  • Load Data Analysis System in real time