Institute of Electronics and Computer Science congratulates the members of the Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association (LETERA) on the 25th birthday of LETERA!

EDI is proud and very honored to be among the founders of LETERA, as well as to be a member for all these 25 years! We thank the association, its current and former members for their continued support and close cooperation. We wish LETERA to reach new heights, to set bold goals and inexhaustible energy to achieve them, both individually and collectively!

LETERA was founded in June 1995. 26 institutions participated in the founding meeting, four of them are still members of LETERA – ALFA, ALTON, EDI, as well as Riga Technical College. Today LETERA has united 83 companies, research and educational institutions operating in Latvia in the fields of electronics, electrical engineering, optical equipment, IT, electronic communications, defense equipment, robotics, aviation and space technology.