On October 14th, 2021, Deputy Director of development and Leading Researcher of the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI) Dr. Kaspars Ozols participates in the business technology fair and conferences “RIGA COMM” in Riga, Latvia. During the event, Dr. Ozols gives an invited speech titled: “The role of research institutes in the field of automated and connected driving” and also moderates the panel discussion titled: “Self-driving vehicles and autonomous transportation systems”.

In the panel discussion, the following distinguished panelists are participating:

– Kaspars Ozols, Deputy Director Of Development, Institute of Electronics and Computer Science;
– Rihards Gailums, Founder & CEO, PILOT Automotive Labs;
– Johannes Mossov, CEO, Auve Tech;
– Ilya Klyuev, Business Development, BaseTracK;
– Inese Andersone, Chair of the City Development Committee, Riga City Council.

During the panel discussion, panelists discuss the legislation of self-driving cars and how to foster their testing in real conditions and city environment, what is the role of cities, what are the current technical challenges of self-driving cars, how society accepts self-driving cars, and what the future holds for us in the field of connected and automated driving.