(22.01.-24.01) Robotics and machine perception laboratory senior researcher Modris Greitans and researcher Janis Arents is participating in “Artificial Intelligence for Digitizing Industry” (AI4DI), project partner meeting in Bologna, Italy. During the meeting, the project and WP2 -“System Level Design for Industrial AI Solutions” realization is discussed. EDI is “Supply Chain 3: Machinery Industry” Topic 2: “Smart Robots” leader. M.Greitans presents EDI and partner contribution related to WP2 tasks. Second day consists of partner technology pitch presentations and “The AI for Digitising Industry Symposium – Exploring the Future (AI4DIS 2020)” which is organised by ECSEL JU project AI4DI. J.Arents presents EDI leaded demonstrator pitch presentation. Together with other partners the principles of efficient collaboration are discussed.

More information:  https://ai4di.automotive.oth-aw.de/index.php/symposium