(4.11.-8.11.) Robotics and Machine perception laboratory scientific assistants Arnis Salmins and Niklavs Barkovskis participate in the testing activities of the ‘I-MECH’ project in Milan, Italy and Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

One of the applications of industrial wireless sensors is the stabilization of the warehousing crane movement. In Milan, on November 4. and 5., with the cooperation of the project partners “GEFRAN” and “ZAPUNI”, sensors are installed on the crane for anti-sway application validation and measurement collection.

On Nov. 7-8, wireless sensors are integrated and tested in case of industrial use of the partner “NEXPERIA”. NEXPERIA is one of the largest semiconductor producers in the world.

These tests are an important part of the Project Stage 2 review meating, which will also take place on 11-12 November in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.