On January 27 and 28, the annual international conference “SPIE Photonics West 2024” transpired at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, USA. This distinguished event serves as a platform for the global optics and photonics community to disseminate and discuss cutting-edge advancements in areas encompassing lasers, biomedical optics, BioPhotonics technologies, quantum optics, and optoelectronics.At this conference, Diana Duplevska presented the article “Interpreting microscopic structures in virtually stained histological sections for veterinary oncology applications”, which was developed with HAVeT-AI [https://www.edi.lv/projects/veterinaro-audzeju-kirurgisko-robezu-histologiska-atpazisana-un-analize-izmantojot-maksligo-intelektu-un-multimodalo-attelveidosanu-havet-ai/] project funds.