(April 12-19) EDI Research Director, Leading Researcher, is invited by China at the 17th Conference of International Exchange of Professionalism, Shenzhen, China. Participation in the 17th Conference of International Exchange of Professional (CIEP) event. This is a large-scale event with several forums involving more than 4,000 institutions, as well as more than 40,000 participants from over 50 countries – experts, high-level professionals and young talents, etc. During her mission, M.Grittans spoke at a special forum organized by the city of Rizhao and signed a memorandum of cooperation with CHUANGZE INTELLIGENT ROBOT CO. LTD. The CIEP’2019 Parallel session in Zhuhai introduces several smart manufacturing companies. In the follow-up, Huzhou City is negotiating with HIT Robot Group (HRG), presenting EDI research achievements and collaborative talks.