(11.10) Scientific Assistant of the Robotics and Machine Perception laboratory Daniels Jānis Justs presented “Development and Realization of Thermal Camera Image Processing Algorithms” at the 60th International Scientific Conference of RTU, in which he presented current work in the APPLAUSE project and its goals.

In the APPLAUSE project, together with 10 international partners (such as Fraunhofer, IDEAS, EV Group E. Thallner and others), EDI will work on a low-cost and high-performance thermal infrared sensor, with a focus on hermetic wafer level packaging. The target is a camera core capable for producing video-rate imagery with VGA resolution, and with factor 100 lower cost than state-of-the-art. The main fields of application for the camera are in thermography (Quality Assurance or Quality Control, HVAC&R), in transport (Automated Driver Assistance Systems in cars and in Unmanned Aerial Aircraft Systems) and in other surveillance, security and safety applications.

EDI will contribute to the implementation of driver(s) for ROIC digital interface and IR image pre-processing algorithms. This involves correction for spatial distortions, image colorization, digital zoom, histogram correction, image fusion, non-uniformity correction, correction for fixed pattern noise, correction for dead and hot pixels and corrections from Narcissus effect. Results will be displayed via a GUI-based demonstrator.

More information: https://applause-ecsel.eu/