Rihards Novickis

5G Techritory, the annual 5G forum for industry participants, decision-makers, and executives, will be held for the 6th time on October 18-19, 2023, in person and online. While many in the 5G and telecoms space have shifted their focus to 6G – the forum insists on maintaining its 5G focus, with this year’s theme named “5G in Action”. 

The forum will bring together 120+ speakers and will be streamed to over 2,000 registered participants globally. Over 600 leaders in telecoms, government, policymaking, ecosystem development, and more, will congregate in person in Riga, Latvia, to participate as on-stage speakers as well as to contribute to a series of co-creation events. 

On 18 October, on Policy and Strategy stage with a story about EDI will perform EDI Senior Researcher Dr. sc. ing. Rihards Novickis.

Interesents are invited to join the audience by registering on the Forum website: