Jaguar V4 Mobile Robotic Platform (176 mm x 700 mm x 980 mm) is designed for indoor and outdoor applications requiring robust maneuverability and terrain maneuverability. It comes with four articulated arms and is fully wirelessly 802.11N connected. It integrates outdoor GPS and 9 DOF IMU (Gyro/Accelerometer/ Compass) for autonomous navigation. Jaguar V4 platform is rugged, lightweight (21 Kg), compact, weather and water resistant. It is designed for extreme terrains and capable of stair or vertical climbing up to 300mm with ease.

The integrated rugged 3+1DOF robotic manipulator (Jaguar Arm) has 3 DOF + 1 DOF gripper, with maximum reach of over 707mm (28 in), max payload capacity of 4Kg at max reach, while weights under 10Kg. When working together with the Jaguar mobile robot, Jaguar Arm could achieve full 6DOF, and reach virtually any position and at any orientation within its allowed working space.