• Superior milling speed, resolution and accuracy
  • Automatic tool change for unmatched ease-of-use
  • Vacuum table and fiducial recognition available

The LPKF ProtoMat S62 is a circuit board plotters for in-house rapid PCB prototyping. This compact high-speed plotter provides unequaled precision and performance for quickly and easily milling and drilling circuit board prototypes in minutes. In-house PCB prototyping gets your designs to market faster by eliminating production delays and high costs that can occur with outside vendors. It also makes your design data secure by keeping it in-house and under your control. The ProtoMat S62 delivers unmatched precision with system resolution as fine as 0.01 mils (0.25 µm). Its milling head travel speed of 6” (150 mm) per second and high-performance 62,000 RPM spindle motor makes it a premiere high-speed performer for producing quality PCBs in-house. Each plotter comes with comprehensive LPKF CircuitCAM and BoardMaster software for importing PCB data from any CAD package and for controlling the operation of the plotter.