Power unit WR 3M, 3 channels with HAP 200 Hot air iron,

DSX 80 Desoldering iron and WP 80 Soldering iron.

1. WR 3M

3-Channel Power Unit, 360W (400w)

 T0053366699N Link
2. WNP

WNP Vacuum Pick-Up

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3. WP 80 Set

Soldering iron set with safety rest

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4. HAP 200 Set

Hot air iron set with safety rest

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5. DSX 80 Set

Desoldering iron set for horizontal application

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Main supply voltage 230 V, 50Hz
Power consumption 400 W
Safety class I and III, housing antistatic
Fuse 230 V 2.0 A
Temperature control of


Controllable temperature range

depends on the tool.

WP 80

50 °C-450 °C (150 °F-850 °F)

DSX 80

50 °C-450 °C (150 °F-850 °F)

HAP 200

50 °C-550 °C (150 °F-999 °F)

Temperature accuracy ± 9 °C (± 17 °F)
Temperature stability ± 2 °C (± 4 °F)
Pump (periodic duty

(30/30) s)

Max. vacuum 0.7 bar

Max. delivery rate 18 l/min

Hot air max. 15 l/min


HAP 200

Heating output 200W
Heating voltage 24V AC
Max. air flow rate 15 l/min
Temperature range 50°C up to 550°C
Temperature accuracy ±30°C


WP 80

Supply Voltage: 24V
Power  Rating: 80W
Warm Up Time: Approx.. 10 sec. (50°C – 350°C)
Max. Temp: 450°C
Usable With: All 80W power units


DSX 80

Heating Power: 80 W /24 V~
Heating Resistance: 5,2 ohm
Heating-up time: ~80 sec. from 50°C – 350°C
Field of activity 270°C – 450°C
DSX 80: Conical fastening system
Wrench size: 8mm