EDI helps businesses develop next-generation technology solutions. As a research institution, we know that R&D is a never-ending challenge. As research, development and innovation partners, we can help your business capitalize on the next technological shift in your industry. You need the right R&D partnership to turn industry disruption into industry opportunity.

Consultancy occurs where:

  • the project involves buying the skills and expertise (pre-existing know how) of EDI staff and equipment to work on a specified project;
  • the sponsor may seek to own any intellectual property and may also expect limited public exposure on the part of the EDI, thus negating any publication opportunities.

EDI guaranty complete confidentiality when it come to your ideas and business plans. If necessary, we can put and NDA in place before discussing sensitive and classified information. The trust of our partners is our most valuable quality.

Reach out to us and we will schedule a meeting or a video call to assist you with you science and/or technology based growth challenges!