The State Scientific Institute “Institute of Electronics and Computer Science” (EDI) in Riga, Latvia would like to inform that it is able to provide jobs for Ukrainian scientists, PhD students, and PhD candidates who have competence in EDI priority research areas (see below). EDI has allocated financial resources to ensure that specialists from Ukraine in these areas are able to continue their research work in Riga. The number of positions offered depends on the length of stay, salary, and other factors. As a minimal estimate, EDI can provide full-time paid employment for at least two people for at least a year. In the case of additional funding, EDI would be able to provide 10-20 full-time paid jobs allowing researchers to perform research and development activities in EDI’s research areas.

Interested parties should contact EDI by email: More information about EDI:

EDI priority research areas are:
• Extremely precise event timing
• Remote sensing and space data processing
• Robotics and machine perception
• Signal processing and embedded intelligence
• Smart sensors and the Internet of Things

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