December 18

In the newspaper “Dienas Bizness” is published an article “Gaismas ātruma pulkstenis” (Clock of the light speed) about technology Event timer A033-ET creation. The project brings together EDI leading researchers Jevgenijs Buls, Vladimirs Bespaļko and Vadims Vedins, as well as cooperation partners. More about article here. Full version available as of 17 December in the newspaper “Dienas Bizness”.

December 18

In magazine “Ir” you can read an interview with EDI lead researcher Leo Selavo. More about interview

http://www.ir.lv/2014/12/17/prata-okeans Foto — Edmunds Brencis, F64


December 11

EDI are visiting Riga Technical College in Electronic day 2014. More info http://rtk.lv/?zina=3143

December 5

ESF project “Innovative biomedical image acquisition and processing technology (InBiT)” seminar “Skin image acquisition and processing technology, the use of medical diagnosis.” in december 5 at Hotel “Days Hotel Riga VEF” Brivibas 199c from 13:15 to 17:15. Project scientific director Dr.habil.math. Aivars Lorenz.

Seminar program

December 01

ESA – European Space Agency noted in our Instittut developed time measurement technology, as a one of the best application in a field of satellite observation systems, as well as other fields.


November 27


ERAF project “Palm data reading and processing system (PALM)” seminar date – December 3.

Seminar program

Applying for seminar

November 21

EDI lead researcher Leo Selavo participate in Latvian Radio program “Zināmais nezināmajā” (The known in the unknown), where he talk about Internet of Things (IoT), what it is, how it affects the present and what perspective it opens up in the future. Internet of Things with context of wireless sensor networks and cyber-physical systems is one of the research topic in EDI.

November 12

Senior researcher, director Modris Greitans participates in the 4th COPERNICUS COMMITEE meeting, where Work programm 2015 is discussed and adopted. COPERNICUS (http://www.copernicus.eu/) is the European system for observing and monitoring the Earth. It consists of a complex set of systems which collect data from multiple sources: earth observation satellites and in situ sensors such as ground stations, airborne and sea-borne sensors.

November 03

At technology blog ArcticStartup is published an article “Track Satellites for NASA? Leave it to Eventech”. Event Timer, which are recognized as an amazing array in field of satellite positioning and the scope of NASA and space exploration in general is developed by the Institute and partners – SIA “Eventech”.

The full version of the article is available here.

October 30

Researcher Rihrads Fuksis attends 5th international cyber security conference DSS ITSEC 2014 in Riga, Park Hotel Maritim, where he presents latest research on topics of biometrics and person identity security issues. Presentation topic: “Securing the cyber identity with multi-modal palm biometrics”. More about the conference can be found here: event.dss.lv

October 29

Researcher Atis Hermanis and lead researcher Leo Selavo participate the European Commission’s representative in Latvia and Latvian University organized an expert discussion “Researchers and entrepreneurs cooperation in Latvia: are we moving to increasing competitiveness?” which take place in House of European Union. Discussions aim was to get know and to discuss the European Commission’s latest Latvian research and innovation profile, promote cooperation and dialogue between education and research, business and the public sector.

Foto: LU preses centrs./www.lu.lv

On October 27-29

Signal processing laboratory senior researcher Modris Greitans and researcher Kaspars Ozols are participating in “Dependable embedded wireless infrastructure” project face to face meeting in Porto, Portugal.


On October 10 – 11

The 5th Invention and Innovation Exhibition MINOX 2014 is held at the Main Hall of Riga Technical University. This event is organized by organization “CONNECT Latvija” and Latvian Inventors’ Association. Institute of Electronics and Computer Science is represented by Embedded Solution for Dangerous Road Situation Warnings IMP1 demonstrated by researchers Artis Mednis and Andrejs Skageris. This item of smart road infrastructure was developed in the collaboration with Nikolajs Agafonovs and Girts Strazdins.

On october 07

Latvian University Foundation in collaboration with Exigen Services Latvia and Accenture Latvia organized an Latvian higher education computer science (informatics) Bachelor’s and Master’s Thesis Competition. In Master’s thesis competition third place taked RTU student and former employee in EDI – Harijs Grīnbergs with Master’s Thesis “3D point cloud processing for tracking objects in space” much of which developed at the Institute. Congratulations! http://www.df.lu.lv/zinas/t/29275/


On October 06 – 08

The 14th Biennial Conference on Electronics and Embedded Systems is held in Tallinn and Laulasmaa (Estonia) – an event that since 1987 is continuously organized by Tallinn University of Technology. Institute of Electronics and Computer Science is represented by 6 papers presented by researchers Kaspars Ozols, Artis Mednis, Armands Mezerins and Igors Homjakovs:

  1. Optimization of Filtering Scheme for Reduction of Loudspeaker Frequency Distortions – Rolands Shavelis, Kaspars Ozols, Modris Greitans
  2. Design of FIR Decimation Filters with Low Group Delay for Audio Applications – Rolands Shavelis, Kaspars Ozols
  3. Development of 802.11p Testbed – Experiences – Artis Mednis
  4. Experimental Studies of Analog Signal Digital Representing Based on a High Performance Event Timer – Armands Mezerins
  5. Signal Activity-Dependent Analog-to-Digital Conversion – Igors Homjakovs
  6. Precise event timing realisation and its application for signal analysing – V. Bes’palko, E. Boole, V. Vedin

On September 26

“Healthcare: from Pixels to Picture” – Leo Selavo, sr.researcher at EDI, TEDxRiga 2014 talk is available on youtube now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M73PSLlWqs

Contemporary health care typically is looking at just a few pixels of our vital signs and lives, and trying to extrapolate the appropriate treatment, often over several iterations. What we really need is a full picture of our health to provide individual and effective treatment and timely preventive actions.Technology of sensors, communication and data processing can help us today already. But can we help ourselves, dealing with the privacy issues?

On September 15

In September 2014, EDI lead researcher Leo Selavo is selected for Latvian University publication cycle “Monthly researcher”. In an interview Leo outlines ideas for wireless sensors, cyber physical systems and ways how with the help of technology is imposible to improve health.

The interview is available here: http://www.lu.lv/zinas/t/28619/

On September 12

EDI lead researcher Leo Selavo participating in the experts discussion on internationally competitive scientific capacity-building in Latvia. Discussion is one of the initiatives on the occasion of 95 th anniversary of the Latvian University, and was attended by representatives from both the scientific with the Rector Mārcis Auziņš forefront and administrative organs of the state and business areas.

A more detailed description found here: http://www.lu.lv/zinas/t/28936/

On September 11

Director of IEC and lead researcher Modris Greitāns together with RTU Associate Professor Jurģis Poriņš participate in a conversation about smart homes and cities in radio “Latvijas Radio 1” program “Zināmais nezināmajā” (“Known in the unknown”)

Smarts City and smart House in LR1

On September 10

In the magazine “Ir Nauda” is published an article “How to count the moments” about the IEC scientists V.Bespaļko, J.Buls and V.Vedins invented technology – Event timer, that is used to “tracking” earth satellites and may soon find wider uses.

Read full version

On September 01 – 05

Signal processing laboratory senior researcher Modris Greitans from September 1 to 5 is participating in the European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO-2014) organized by the European Association for Signal Processing in Lisbon, Portugal. The paper „Rotation-Invariant Object Detection Using Complex Matched Filters and Second Order Vector Fields” is presented.

01 – 03 September


Sampling Conversion Laboratory assistant Valdemar Plociņa participate in the conference “11th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics” (ICINCO 2014) in Vienna, Austria. At conference he presented the article “Optimization of Adaptive Up-and-Down Method for Equivalent Time Signal Processing”.

On August 24 – 28

Researcher Oļeg Ņikišins participate in the conference “22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition” – ICPR 2014, which takes place in Stockholm, Sweden. In conference Oļegs Ņikišins presented a study entitled “RGB-Based Face Recognition DT”.


On June 29

Our institute participated in trail running competition Riga ECO Trail. Congratulations to our colleague Krisjanis Nesenbergs on the 12th place in the 23km distance.


On June 17

The Time Measurment laboratory researcher Juris Sinica- Sinavskis is presenting paper „Simplified Classification of Multispectral Image Fragments” of journal “Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika” in 18th International Conference Electronics 2014. The Results and methods of the hogweed classification problem will be included in the presentation.

On June 14

Researcher Atis Hermanis form discrete signal processing laboratory will participate in Latvian Occupational therapist association Summer conference 2014 with presentation “Biofeedback system for postural control based on wearable sensor network”. The presentation will be about technology for human posture monitoring developed in EDI and its approbation in rehabilitation center “Mēs esam līdzās”.

Conference Program

On June 05 – 06

In TEDxRiga conference at cinema Splendid Palace perform/speak Leo Selavo – the professor in University of Latvia – Faculty of Computing and lead researcher of cyber-physical systems laboratory in Electronics and Computer Science Institute.
“This year’s conference theme is cultivation of culture and questions how to sow, grow, protect and share ideas. It is believed that a good harvest is based on a number of preconditions; we think that the basic of qualitative idea should be to the same conditions.
In this year a special thank must to say TEDxRiga partner Lattelecom for friendlier price offer to the event. – 30 euro for students, the other 40 euro, “the idea of TEDxRiga 2013 organizers said representative Paul Jurjāns.

TEDxRiga 2014 speakers
Source: http://www.df.lu.lv/zinas/t/27611/


On June 05 – 06

Director Modris Greitāns, researcher Vadim Vedins and assistant Armands Mezeriņš participate in an international conference on cooperation in space technology “International Conference on Collaboration Technologies in Space” or ICCST, which are held in the International Exhibition Centre “Ķīpsala”. The Conference brings together high-level experts and professionals in space science and technologies from across the Baltic Sea region to discuss opportunities for cooperation. It will be a unique opportunity for industry, academia and government to meet and set common milestones for collaboration in space technologies and science.

More information about the conference: www.iccst.eu
Conference program:

On May 23

Discrete signal processing laboratory researcher Atis Hermanis participate in “3rd International Doctoral School of Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics” at the RTU student sport centre “Ronisi”. He present a poster about research relevant to his doctoral thesis.
Schedule of the event: http://ieei.rtu.lv/idsee/programme.html

On May 23

Students from Talsu Christian school are visiting the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI) to get acquainted with EDI laboratories and research areas. The event will be concluded with a practical work of learning some basics of electronics.

On May 18

Also in this year, the Institute team successfully participated in the Nordea Riga Marathon. Especially proud of our colleagues, who, after last year’s first 10 km distance, this year successfully overcame the half-marathon (21,097 km) distance.

On May 16

Kaspars Ozols participating in «ResearchSlam» competition final and with a presentation «Reading human thoughts» win the first place.
Every year «ResearchSlam» competition brings together more and more talanted young people who are simply creative and able to present their field of research in an exciting and interesting way to the public, thus opening up more opportunities for commercialization. This year, 72 participants from 11 universities applied for the competition.

On May 8

Researcher Atis Hermanis form discrete signal processing laboratory participates in international conference “From exclusion to inclusion – Conference on nevelties in Cerebral Palsy research” with presentation “Biofeedback system for postural control based on wearable sensor network”. The presentation is about EDI and rehabilitation center “Mēs esam līdzās” collaboration work results.

On April 30

Signal processing laboratory scientific assistant Kaspars Ozols is participating in “Dependable embedded wireless infrastructure” project, “RAIL” domain kick-off meeting in Madrid, Spain.

On April 29

Elina Rostoka has presented the research “Signal processing methods for abnormal electrocardiogram (ECG) signal research” at RTU 55th Student Scientific and Technical Conference of Biomedical Engineering and Physics section on April 29, 2014. The research was prepared in the Institute within the framework of her bachelor’s paper, supervisor, researcher Uldis Grunde. Elina Rostoka was nominated for the best research award in the field section.

On April 29

On April 24 (at 15:00) at the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science, auditorium A occur Ltd. “LEO Pētījumu centrs” (LEO Research Centre) regular participants meeting.
Participants in the meeting discus the 2013th Annual Report, conversion of stock capital into euro for re-registration in the Company Register, project “Latvian electrical and optical equipment industry centre of expertise” implementation process and finally the field and individual research implementers come up with short presentations.

On April 12

On April 12, two EDI PhD students – Roberts Kadiķis and Kaspars Ozols were participating in «ResearchSlam» competition semi-final with presentations «How I taught the computer to count vehicles» and «reading human thoughts», respectively.
«ResearchSlam» is a competition for masters and PhD students from all Latvian universities (including Erasmus students) to present their field of research or study program in an exciting and interesting way to the public.
Kaspars Ozols got the opportunity to participate in Final, which will be held on May 16th.

On March 27

About 40 students are visiting the institute within the framework of a career days. At the Institute are presented actual directions of research and laboratory, Institute achievements, as well as the view into more than 50 years long history of the institute. The event concluded with a practical work, where students learned the basics of electronics.


On March 27

Representative of the Scientific Council of Institute of Electronics and computer science – K. Nesenbergs participate in association “Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association ‘ (LETERA) annual members’ meeting, which this year takes place at the Institute of Transport and Communications. At the meeting are discussed reports of the association from the previous year, and occurs the association board and presidential elections. At the meeting is being presented Institute possibilities of cooperation with entrepreneurs, as well as discussion of future opportunities for cooperation. The event concluded with meeting participants become acquainted with the Transport and Telecommunication Institute, telecommunications, electronics and robotics laboratory facilities, including the Airbus A320 aircraft maintenance of virtual machines.

On March 27-28

The director and researcher from the Signal processing laboratory Modris Greitans will participate in the ICT COST Action IC1106 “Integrating Biometrics and Forensics for the Digital Age” program management meeting and in the International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics „IWBF 2013”, Malta, Valletta

On March 27-28

Signal processing laboratory scientific assistant Kaspars Ozols is participating in “Dependable embedded wireless infrastructure” project kick-off meeting in Graz, Austria.


On February 27

Cyber-Physical Systems laboratory researcher Artis Mednis participated in the event “TEDx Riga Technology – From Intelligent Transportation to the Material Sciences to Robotics” organized by TEDx Riga and held at Birojnica, Berga Bazars. He told about main principles of Intelligent Transportation Systems and modern technologies used for their implementation.





On February 24

Modris Greitāns (director of Institute of Electronics and Computer Science) participate in a discussion on “Sciencefor businessmen and businessmen’s for science,” in “Albert Hotel” hall “Space”. The discussion is organized by the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK), in cooperation with the Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association (LETERA), The Association of Latvian Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry (LAKIFA) and Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia (MASOC).Discussions are about scientists and businessman’s more successful co-operation, the promotion of innovation in business and higher added value, examples of good practices with current success in scientific institutions and business cooperation.

Programme of the event

On February 18

EDI lead researcher Leo Selavo participates in European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN) in 2014, in Oxford, UK. Leo led the “Reliability” session for reliable wireless sensor networking solutions systems.

A link to the conference

On January 15

Ministry of Education and Science provided information on the evaluation of international scientific institutions activities. Institute of Electronics and Computer Science is ranked among the 15 institutions rated as high-level, powerful and important international institutions. International evaluation Ministry of Education and Science has made cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Secretariat. From 150 Research Units (research institutes, universities, their departments, private institutions and foundations), only 15 institutions performance experts evaluated as excellent or good, and EDI between them is the only public research institution in the field of engineering sciences.

More information is available on the Ministry of Education and Science website