(On April 12-13) Robotics and machine perception laboratory senior researcher Kaspars Ozols, scientific assistant Janis Arents and engineer Elvijs Buls together with Cyber-Physical systems laboratory researcher Aleksandrs Levinskis and scientific assistant Ingars Ribners are participating in “Deep Tech Atelier” technology conference dedicated to deep-tech start-up creation and further development. This conference is not only a place for discussion for all interested parties – entrepreneurs, scientists and technology developers, industry representatives, investors, government and public organizations. This is a practical, hands-on workshop type forum with tangible outcomes – creation of entrepreneurial science based start-ups based on the Commercialization Reactor’s platform.

In the demo session/space, EDI presents both 1) Artificial Intelligence based stereo vision system for object detection, recognition, classification and pick-up by a robotic arm (J.Arents and E.Buls); and 2) EDI drive by wire car, demonstrating perception system, V2X communication devices and Car-in-the-loop setup (A.Levinskis and I.Ribners). Besides that, K.Ozols gives a short pitch about the EDI drive-by-wire car on April 12th and full presentation about collaboration opportunities with EDI on April 13th.