A Sigfox base station has been installed in the Institute of Electronics and Computer science premises. It has been supplied to the institute by Armands Dīriņš, the development manager of the company «0G Baltics».

Sigfox is an energy-efficient data transmission technology for wide area Internet of Things networks. It operates in the 868 MHz frequency band and supports thousands of energy-efficient IoT devices per each base station. Each of these terminals can send up to 140 messages per day, allowing the collection of data such as temperature, other environmental parameters, location, meter readings, and so on. The Sigfox Internet of Things network is present in 70 countries worldwide, and is currently the largest of its kind in the world.

The new Sigfox base station will allow researchers to experiment with wireless sensor network solutions for IoT applications, as well as expand their knowledge and skills in this rapidly developing field.