Technical parameters

  • Ice thickness measuring method: contactless, electromagnetic
  • Ice thickness measurement range: 5cm … 1.5m (3m*)
  • Ice thickness measurement accuracy: ±5 (1*) cm
  • Measurement distance from ice to device: from 50 cm to 1m
  • Operational temperature range: from -30 ℃ to +50
  • Power adapter (incl.) voltage range: From + 9V to + 15V
  • Accuracy of Measurement Location (GPS): ≤5m
  • Data transfer standard: GSM/ GPRS Quad-band (850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz)
  • SIM card size: Standard
  • Graphic LCD screen: 128X64 pixels
  • Operation time of the device: ≥10 hours
  • Power source (included): 18650 size 3.6V Li-Ion battery packs [2 pieces]
  • Battery charging time: ≤ 5 hours



  • Displays a single ice thickness measurement on a graphical LCD screen
  • Determining the time and location of the measurement using GPS data
  • Sending measurement data (ice thickness, coordinates, time) to a remote ThingsBoard ™ server ( or another (subject to agreement with the customer).
  • Display of measurement result on google / openstreet maps (optional)
  • Configuring device settings (storage server address, etc.) via SMS (SMS)
  • Low battery indication
  • Indication of measurement quality (reliability) assessment
  • Adjustable telescopic handle for adjusting the height of the sensor part

Figure 1. Application example


Device architecture

Figure 1. Device block diagram


Device working principle

Figure 2. Ice thickness measurement working principle


Figure 3. Ice thickness measurement example (Jugla river, 21.03.2018)