Smart fabric is sensor technology embedded in fabric for 3D shape reconstruction. The potential application of this system is posture monitoring for scoliosis treatment. System is approbated in rehabilitation center “Mēs Esam Līdzās (MEL)” and “Unihaus” Ltd.

For the shape reconstruction inertial sensors (accelerometers and magnetometers) are used. Unique wired communication solution is developed, that allows connection of several hundred sensor nodes, with small number of require connections. Data transmission to processing devices wireless Bluetooth communication protocol is used. Computationally efficient shape reconstruction algorithm has been developed, allowing real time shape reconstruction on mobile devices such as smart phones. For demonstration purposes Android application has been developed

Technical specification of the prototype:
– Resolution of shape reconstruction 63 points (in principle can be increased to several hundred points);
– Shapre reconstruction frequency: 10 Hz;
– Average electric current draw: 80 mA;
– Shape reconstruction accuracy: 0.5cm
– Data acquisition interface: Bluetooth 2.0