The event timing technology developed in the EDI in distinction to existing time interval measurement methods, allows time registration for each event in the event flow which makes it a universal tool for investigation and analysis of physical processes in the time domain. This technology is based on digital signal processing and allows creating time registration devices with very small uncertainty and very high measurement rates. EDI in collaboration with Eventech Ltd has implemented this technology in various Event Timer (ET) models.

The most precise device is the A033-ET providing better than 3 ps single-short RMS resolution (uncertainty) for interval measurement and up to 20 million samples per second (MSPS) measurement rate..

The compact ET has the same functionality as A033 but is realized as a separate module with size 90×150 mm and has the uncertainty 4-5 ps and measurement rate 40 MSPS (two times faster).

The doubled compact ET has two independent measurement inputs providing zero “dead time” for events arriving into these inputs simultaneously. The size of module is 120×160 mm and uncertainty for intervals between events at different inputs is 5-6 ps, however for intervals shorter than 30 ns it increases up to 8 ps due to cross-correlation.

The fast ET has the shortest “dead time” = 11 ns and can measure up to 90 MSPS. The fast ET has uncertainty of 5 ps, but it has the special automatically starting replication mechanism, which reduces uncertainty to 2.5 ps for event rates lower than 20 MSPS.

Currently the main area of application for our timing instruments is Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) and almost half of all SLR stations around the globe have ET A033 ( There are some precedents of using ET in: signal analysers, LIDAR systems, absolute gravimeters, Laser Link communication systems.

We are also interested in collaboration with potential users and offer our experience to develop and design, on the basis of long-term contracts, custom timing instruments strictly tailored to individual requirements. Feel free to ask