Dr. sc. comp. Mihails Broitmans

Dr. sc. comp. Michael Broitman

Senior Researcher
+371 29480378

Dr. Michael Broitman working in EDI since 1977. In the beginning in Network management laboratory as a member of mainframe programmer’s team involved in programming OSI protocols and developing Academic network. From 2016 – senior researcher in Embedded systems laboratory and from 2019 as senior researcher in Signal processing laboratory. Dr.sc.comp. since 1988. Author or co-author of more than 70 papers and preprints. Main scientific interests: • computer networks • data centers • video analytic in medicine and transport.

Vice Editor-in-Chief of scientific journals “AVTOMATIKA I VYCHISLITEL’NAYA TEKHNIKA (ISSN 0132-4160)” and “AUTOMATIC CONTROL AND COMPUTER SCIENCES (ISSN 0146-4116)”

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