From April 6 to 29, the Ministry of Education and Science invites pupils of classes 11 and 12 to reveal the fascinating nature of various research and science industries in online negotiations with 24 Latvian scientists.

On April 6, pl. 14.30 meet EDI Deputy Director of development Kaspars Ozols. The most futuristic research in recent years, in which Kaspars has a leading role, is related to the development of self-driving electric vehicle propulsion control, perception systems and development of communication equipment. There are algorithms, solutions and strategies for responding to the self-driving car, for example, if one of the sensors stops working, and how to make backup solutions work at that point.


Apply for participation here:

until 31 March 16.00 o’clock

Project ZINĀTNE.ZOOMED.IN  will take place online in the Zoom app throughout the month of April on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. at 13.00 o’clock and 14.30 o’clock. Changes may be made to the program.

Students will be able to find out: What is science and how different and diverse research is in different fields of science? Where do scientists work and what skills do they need? How to choose the direction of studies or the branch of science? How can anyone engage in science? What can scientists give and what do they do in business? Why does the state and society need science?

ZINĀTNE.ZOOMED.IN is developed with the support of  ERDF project No. “Integrated national level measures for strengthening interest representations for research and development of Latvia as part of European Research Area”.