The 35th Estonian and 9th Joint Estonian-Latvian Theory Days will take place at the Klaara-Manni Holiday Center in Randivälja village near Tori in Pärnu county, from February 2 to 4, 2024. Special guests include Paul B. Levy from the University of Birmingham and Marino Miculan from the University of Udine. Since 2010, these events have also included participants from Latvia, particularly from Riga, making some of the gatherings Joint Estonian-Latvian Theory Days.

The Theory Days are meant as an opportunity for Estonian–and Latvian–computer scientists of theoretical orientation to meet, learn about each other’s work and projects, and socialize. The main target audience of the Theory Days is graduate students in the roles of both listeners and presenters. Still, the event is open to doctoral students, postdocs, faculty, and anyone interested.

Senior Researcher  Dr. sc. comp Kārlis Freivalds, researcher Laura Leja, research assistant Laksis Dans, programming engineer Audris Arzovs, and programming technician Ralfs Āboliņš participated from EDI. EDI colleagues presented the following talks: Dr. sc. comp. Kārlis Freivalds: Generative AI for music, Audris Arzovs: “Privacy and security in federated learning for power electronics and IoT-edge-cloud continuum” and Laura Leja: “A network model for thermal conversion of heterogeneous biomass granules.”

For details on the event’s structure and past programs, check the Theory Days website.: