Deep Tech Atelier is created within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project “Innovation Motivation Programme” and “Support for Improving the Technology Transfer System”.   The two-day Deep Tech Atelier conference was opened on 20 April 2023 by the Minister of the Economy, Ilze Indriksone, who stressed out that Latvia’s priority today is the development of technologically advanced companies and to put more efforts into creation of new innovative solutions in our homeland Latvia.

During the conference 1443 participants from 40 countries had registered and Latvian entrepreneurs had the opportunity to listen to international speakers and participate in B2B sessions in order to find new partners.  

The majority of the conference participants came from Estonia, Lithuania, Israel, Finland, Sweden, Germany and Hungary. Latvian entrepreneurs could also gain practical knowledge needed for business development as well as for the commercialization of science.

In addition to several stages for presentations and panel discussions, a large EXPO area was organized where entrepreneurs had the opportunity to present and to explain their solutions and new products.  

The Institute of Electronics and Computer Science also participated in Deep Tech Atelier 2023.

Researcher Gatis Šūpols demonstrated a non-contact radar for measuring of ice thickness, which can be produced as a portable device, but can be also attached to a vehicle if necessary.

Egils Bēriņš met several potential foreign partners from Germany and Scandinavia and explained about new solutions that EDI scientists created during the last five years. He discussed  possible cooperation on commercializing of different solutions.   Contacts were also established also with the head of the LIAA office in Israel, as EDI believe that various commercialization activities of new solutions developed by EDI scientists could be carried out in Israel.