The new stages of European Union funding are approaching, where one of the priorities for 2021-2027 is the digital transformation of municipalities. The term “smart city” is also becoming more widespread, but it is still not clear how these opportunities can be transferred from national-level planning documents to municipal streets, plans and co-operations.

In this webinar, Linda Alksne (Liepāja City Municipality, IT service management process manager), Alise Vecozola (Senior Consultant at Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development), and Dr. Kaspars Ozols (Deputy director of development at EDI) will share their view on this topic.
Agenda of the webinar:
10:00-10:05 Introduction
10:05-10:35 Presentations (L.Alksne, A.Vecozola, K.Ozols)
10:35-11:00 Q&A, discussion