On January 8, 2024, the opening of the exhibition “Research Latvia 2024” was held in the “Zirgu pasts” theater house of the Latvian Academy of Culture. Event was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science, and EDI was represented by leading researcher Dr. sc. ing. Rihards Novickis, which at the same time was one of the 12 heroes of science stories.

Dr. Rihards Novickis acknowledges, that “Working in international research projects is a privilege. It is an opportunity to meet excellent specialists from all over the world and to learn from them” (video story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YACPbSFwsY).

The calendar and exhibition “Research Latvia 2024” is developed by the Ministry of Education and Science, and has been reporting on twelve excellent Latvian scientists and their achievements for already seven years.

The project is a story of 12 passionate personalities, outstanding in their field and endowed with unlimited creativity. This time it is story about scientists that seek to find solutions and respond to global challenges and everyday issues through their research in such areas as heterogeneous single-chip systems and their programming, innovative polymers, lithium and sodium ion battery materials, satellite data and geographic information systems, molecular genetics and functional genomics, fluorine and supramolecular chemistry, sustainable management of land resources and landscapes, creative entrepreneurship, application of sustainable materials in packaging, and wastewater monitoring and treatment.

The aim of the project is to help everyone to see that in the diversity of the world, everything – physics and poetry, chemistry and music – is united and inseparable and cannot exist without each other!