The International Partners Meeting of the “Edge AI Technologies for Optimised Performance Embedded Processing” (EdgeAI) took place from 11 to 12 June, 2024.  This time hosted by EDI.
During an intensive two-day programme, project participants from all over Europe shared what has already been achieved and took part in lively discussions on how to improve the effectiveness of cooperation and the next steps for the project. In this project, EDI leads the mobility value chain (VC4 mobility) and two demonstrators of this value chain, VCD4.1 “Cognitive Mobile Multi-Agent Platform” and VCD4.2 “Roadside Perception Units Connected with a LoRa 2.4 GHz Mesh Network.

Janis Arents, Ph.D., researcher at the EDI Robotics and Machine Perception Laboratory, presented the VC4 objectives, progress and planned activities. J. Arents and EDI Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory researcher Jānis Judvaitis, Ph.D., presented demonstrators VCD4.1 and VCD4.2. detailing the defined system architectures, use cases, planned software/hardware models, AI applications and next steps.

About the project: