On May 5 and 6, 2024, the Deputy Director of Development and Senior Researcher Dr. Kaspars Ozols along with scientific assistant Edgars Lielāmurs of the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI) participated in the Horizon Europe Chips-JU “Ensuring European ECS Value Chain Sovereignty through Shaping the Future of ECS for Automotive Applications” (ShapeFuture) project kick-off meeting in Munich, Germany. During the event, project partners presented the project’s tasks, discussed the project’s implementation, networked, and made important decisions related to the project. This included presentation from innovation stream leader of the institute’s goals in innovation stream INN1 (ECS for perception). During the discussions, important decisions were made regarding the innovation stream and tasks, such as work organization, involved partners, the planned development of EDI hardware and algorithms, as well as the achievable indicators.