On May 26, 2023, Deputy Director of Development and Senior Researcher Dr. Kaspars Ozols of the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI), along with Scientific Assistant Edgars Lielāmurs, are participating in the second period plenary meeting of the Horizon Europe KDT-JU “Automotive Intelligence for/at Connected Shared Mobility (AI4CSM) “ in Vienna, Austria. During the event, project partners present the progress made in the project, network with each other, and define the necessary tasks for successful project implementation. Within the discussions, significant decisions were made regarding supply chains SC2 (EV 2030 by AI inside) and SC6 (AI-Enabled Perception and Sensor Fusion Platforms) and their demonstrators. These decisions included aspects such as data formats and volume for the graphical user interface, demonstration capabilities for project evaluation events, technology integration possibilities in the overall SC2 demonstrator, and more.